Why Brake Stick – Innovators in Technology

Checking, setting and releasing the hand brake of a train is part of the job for a railroad operator. It doesn’t matter if the weather is hot or cold, rainy or icy, or if the train is on an incline or decline; brakes must be checked.

The brake wheel is not normally within easy reach, so a railroad operator must step out on the end of a railcar or climb a ladder to set or release the brake. In bad weather this can be dangerous!

The brake stick was invented to alleviate this danger for train employees.

The innovative team at Big Stik® has developed a brake stick that allows an operator to do his job without climbing a ladder or having to step within the gauge of the tracks and place himself between train cars. Our attention to detail makes a Big Stik® brake stick superior to our competition.

An operator can stand on the ground at a safe distance from the train and do his job.

A brake stick can accomplish the following tasks:

  • Set or release the handbrake of a rail car.
  • Operate retainer valves, which are mechanically operated valves controlling the operation of the air brakes of the railroad car.
  • Open or close knuckles of the coupling mechanism used to connect adjacent cars.
  • All done safely on the ground out of harm’s way.

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